The brand new single “Going to the Pub” is coming!!!

The New single “She’s Gone” its out now check it out!!

the  single  “Get up on Ya feet n Testify”

Single “Taking My Peace” and Video Clip is out

About Gang Of Brothers..

A musical assault thatcrosses over genres, deeply funky and seriously Phat.

Their culturally diverse and influential style digs deeper and deeper in the pocket of groove and rock!


Gang of brothers were born into music. Brothers Andro , Dauno, Fenix and Banel Martinez hail from the prestigious musical Martinez Family (Martinez Akustica). Joining them on drums and lead vocals is brother Buddy Siolo, whose talents have taken him around the globe.

Together they are GANG OF BROTHERS.

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Meet The band

Andro Martinez – Guitar

Banel Martinez – Guitar

Buddy Siolo – Vocals and Drums

Fenix Martinez – Keyboards

Dauno Martinez – Bass and Beat Vox


On their first official track, "Get Up On Ya Feet n Testify," the brothers makes me think of what would happen if JB and Lenny Kravitz randomly met in a dirty, empty bar out on a deserted road and had an impromptu jam session. Cue a band appearing from nowhere, complete with backing vocalists and suddenly the bar is packed full of punters, who all know the words to the song and are getting their very best Soul Train moves on. I do have a vivid imagination, but this track is the kind of unapologetic upbeat funk with a driving beat that makes my imagination run wild and envision unrealistic scenes that in reality will never happen.

Kitten Jam (Soulbounce.com)

GOB is a full-scale assault on the senses and resistance to dancing is practically useless. And you don't have to be a funk afficionado to relate: their set comprises highly-recognisable tunes from the quality commercial end of the spectrum. In any case we're not talking puritanical funk, as the band crosses over comfortably into the realm of hard rock (witness Andro's blistering, Hendrix-like guitar solos), in the way of Kravitz, Prince, Living Colour; even the Isley or Neville Brothers. All-in-all, the parlance might be passé, but, as they themselves say, their music is seriously phat.

Lloyd Bradford Sykes (Australian Stage)


Gang OF Brothers, The New Funk Rock band that will conquer Australia
Anna Sagrista (SBS Radio)

It's as hardcore as what might well be rated the number one funk track of all time, in JB's similarly-titled
Lloyd Bradford Sykes (Australian Stage)

When musicians of the highest calibre meet with a brilliant song you know you are in for a hell of a ride. Gang of Brothers are without doubt one of the hottest properties on the Australian music scene today. ‘Get up on ya feet n testify’ grabs you from the first bar & doesn’t let go. With its funky keyboards, Driving drums, awesome vocal delivery & great production, this song just makes you want to hear more. Reaching the Number 1 spot on the Whotune.com Top 50 chart in late August 2012 ‘Get up on ya feet’ is clearly a favourite with the thousands of music fans voting for their favourite songs on the International website. My recommendation is you turn it up loud & join the Gang! 

Karl George- Managing Director- Whotune Music group LTD

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